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The Muganza Coffee Washing Station (CWS) is situated in the picturesque Nyamagabe District, specifically within the Kibirizi Sector. Nestled in the Bugarura Cell, the coffee washing station serves as a pivotal hub for the local coffee industry. Its strategic location in the heart of Kasebuturanyi village ensures proximity to the thriving coffee farms that dot the surrounding landscapes. The lush and fertile terrain of Nyamagabe District provides an ideal setting for cultivating high-quality coffee beans. At the Muganza CWS, the meticulous process of washing and processing coffee cherries takes place, contributing to the production of exceptional coffee beans that reflect the unique terroir of this region. This location not only supports the local coffee economy but also showcases the importance of geography and climate in the cultivation of premium coffee.

Geographical Location

Location: Rugeregere village, Nyamasheke District, Southern Province

Capacity: 250 MT (metric tons) of cherry

Foundation: 2006

Year in which it started working with Baho: 2020

Altitude range of the farms: 1500 to 1850 m

Number of farmers: 1006 smallholders (52% men and 48% women)

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