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Gitoki is a hill in Rwanda's Eastern Province and it is where the coffee washing station is located. As of right now, it is the newest station in the BAHO family. It harvests cherries from 1120 farmers, produces 10 containers of green coffee a year, and, at the height of the harvest season, employs 130 people. The Gatsibo district produces a significant amount of coffee cherries, according to the 2019 national coffee export report on Rwandan coffee output. There was no CWS inside the Gitoki sector. Before our proposal, we believed it would be appropriate to build a coffee washing station in 2020 to facilitate farmers' short-distance delivery of their produce and maintain the processed coffee's quality. Although maize and bananas now dominate the region, Baho has set up an amazing scheme for distributing seedlings that is encouraging farmers to begin planting more coffee

Geographical Location

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