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Ngoma is a newer station in the Baho Coffee lineup that Baho purchased in late 2019. It’s located in the famed Nyamasheke district and is set in one of the most stunningly beautiful locations possible, directly on the shores of Lake Kivu.  780 farmers deliver to this station, translating to around 575 bags (1.5 containers) of exportable green coffee each season. Ngoma is considered the sister station to Akagera, which is just a short drive down the road; you might notice that many of the same hill or island groups will deliver to both stations


Location: Rugeregere village, Nyamasheke District, Southern Province

Capacity: 250 MT (metric tons) of cherry

Foundation: 2006

Year in which it started working with Baho: 2020

Altitude range of the farms: 1500 to 1850 m

Number of farmers: 1006 smallholders (52% men and 48% women)

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